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Well,well, well. Take a look at that. 


Breathe it all in baby. Feels good doesn't it?


Look at all these poor helpless souls. You could of saved yourself too if you just had read the terms and conditions. You would of known EXACTLY what you're signing up for and you could of avoided this whole thing but no... you decided to skim over it and blindly submit that you 'agreed to all of the terms and conditions'.


I guess you weren’t  made for this type of responsibility. It would of been a good ending if you just listened, but I guess that’s not your style? You let me in like not big deal. Your whole digital life right at the end of my finger tips. 

Why did you just voluntarily give up all of your personal data for my own benefit?


I bet you didn't even read the Terms and Conditions in the beginning of this whole thing... did you? 

Reveal the ulitmate truth, its all in there.