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Top 5 Best Personal Growth Advice

December 4, 2017

We can't tackle every battle without an army to support us. When I need advice, I run to those who understand me the most. Here are a couple pieces of advice that helped me grow personally. I hope you can find  them just as helpful and enlightening. 



“ If you want to be like someone, you need to start acting like them.”​

This piece of advice can go for anyone who is aspiring to be someone or do something. We all have goals in mind - whether it be professional, personal, or academic. There's no point of lounging around waiting for your lucky break. Instead, see what they are doing that makes them successful. If you want to be a CEO one day, start acting like one. This might entail getting up early, working on your interpersonal skills, and developing leadership abilities. Reading books from influencers are a great  place to start! 



“ Shit happens, it'll continue to happen... but you need to learn how to compartmentalize.”​


Only focus on things you need to within your days , don’t bring them over to other sectors of your life. Compartmentalization has been traditionally defined in pathological terms as keeping separate parts of one’s personality that should be kept together. It may alternatively be conceived of as an everyday defence mechanism - serving to increase efficiency in a world with complex and competing demands on our time and emotions - such compartments will clearly need to be periodically processed in order for an authentic psychological self to thrive and for good mental health to occur. We can see this as we constantly switch from being the role of a good daughter/son, student, friend, partner, or working professional. It can be overwhelming at times to perfect these performances, but you have to remember to compartmentalize these emotions in order to be productive. Easier said than done. Trust me I'm still learning. 



“ Everyone comes into your life for a purpose but, it might not be for the same reason you initially thought.”


Wise words from my mother after I faced my first teenage heartbreak. What she meant by this, was that we need to re-define our relationship with someone as they continue to evolve. By understanding what they meant to us before vs. what they mean to us now is a great start. Maybe their purpose in your life was to not be there by your side forever. Maybe it was to discover a different side of yourself that you couldn’t had known without them. Once you accept that, you will feel grateful instead of hateful. 


“A lot of people will be poems, others short stories, and some novels.”​


They are all beautiful in their own way. You can convey a whole story within mere phrases. The duration of these relationships does not discount the power they have.


“ Not every action needs a reaction.”​


In life, we all know that things will come up not as planned. During stressful times, we need to pick our battles strategically. If you have a pressing issue that needs to be dealt with, focus on that instead of freaking out over spilled milk. Don't let every little shitty thing get to you because it will just throw you off from achieving your main goal of the day.  



- Till next time, you'll be hearing from Andrea again. 







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